Expedition EVEREST

Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom will be getting a much needed "E" ticket ride for 2006

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Here it is the video that everyone has been waiting for.


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Here are some pics from Jan 29th 2006

Awesome View

The Yeti!!!!!

Queue Line

Let me in!!!!!   Nicklaus :)

Pictures Andy took. Great Job!!!!! Thanks for letting me post them.

Everest 11-6-2005

Everest from on top of the Contemporary Resort 04-15-2005

Feb 2005 Topping off the mountain!!!!



From the air - 12 2004

Below were taken 12-13-2004

These pictures were taken 03-20-2004

Video Clip - Everest construction site 11-22-2003

The beginning of Everest! Thanks Clint.

Track pictures 2004 from Clint. Thanks!!!!



Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (April 22, 2003) -- Legend holds that high in the Himalayan Mountains lives an enormous creature that fiercely guards the route to Mount Everest.

Now that legend comes dramatically to life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in a new high-speed train adventure that combines coaster-like thrills with the excitement of a close encounter of the hairy kind.

Walt Disney World guests will discover for themselves the fearsome legend of the yeti when Expedition EVEREST opens in 2006 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The new thrill attraction was announced today during the park’s 5th anniversary festivities at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

“Expedition EVEREST adds a new dimension to our storytelling in Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” said Joe Rohde, executive designer at Walt Disney Imagineering and lead designer of the park. “It’s a thrilling adventure themed to the folklore of the mysterious yeti.”

In Expedition EVEREST, guests board an old mountain railway destined for the foot of Mount Everest. The train rolls through thick bamboo forests, past thundering waterfalls, along shimmering glacier fields and climbs higher and higher through the snow-capped peaks.

But suddenly the track ends in a gnarled mass of twisted metal and the thrills intensify as the train races both forward and backward through mountain caverns and icy canyons and guests head for an inevitable face-to-muzzle showdown with the mysterious yeti -- known to some as the abominable snowman.

Expedition EVEREST will be located in the Asia section of the theme park. At nearly 200 feet high, it will be the tallest mountain in Florida. Expedition EVEREST will feature Disney’s FASTPASS, an innovative system -- offered at no charge to park guests -- designed to reduce wait times at popular attractions in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Info from www.wdwmagic.com

Check out more info from the Everest page of WDWMagic

Please check them out. They have the best Disney World site out there.


Expedition Everest will be located adjacent to the lake between Asia and Dinoland, and the mountain itself with be in the region of 1 acre in size, and 200ft high. (Note that the 1 acre size does not include walkways, queue buildings, portions of the ride etc)

The map below shows its approximate position. (Note that the scale and position is approximate only). The yellow line indicates the new bridge that will link the area near to Theater in the Wild to the new attraction. New walkways will also connect the ride area to Asia, essentially making a walk around the entire lake. The yellow circle is a rough guide to where the mountain will be located.

Specific information on the attraction is still very thin on the ground, however the following has surfaced, but is yet to be fully confirmed.

Max Height of Track: 120 ft
Max Drop: 80ft
Max Speed: 50mph
Trains will travel in both forward and backward directions

All info provided by www.wdwmagic.com

Thank you




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