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The Walt Disney World Railroad opened October 1st, 1971


Fantasyland Station opened March 12th, 2012 and replaced the Toontown Fair station


Ride time - 20:00


Fantasyland Station stands where the old Mickey's Birthdayland, Starland, Toontown Fair station once stood.


Originally the Magic Kingdom only had Main Street Station and Frontierland Station. A third station was built June 18th, 1988 for Mickey's Birthdayland which was then upgraded to the Toon Town Station


Original plans of the Magic Kingdom showed a Tomorrowland Railroad Station. It's location was going to be where Space Mountain's entrance currently stands


There are 4 trains;

No. 1 Walter E. Disney - Built 1925

No. 2 Lilly Belle - Built 1928

No. 3 Roger E. Broggie - Built 1925

No. 4 Roy O. Disney - Built 1916


1.5 mile circles the Magic Kingdom


It transports 1.5 million passengers each year


The Walter E. Disney and Roger E. Broggie locomotives have serial numbers that are sequential (58444 and 58445). These locomotives were on the shop floor at the same time in 1925 as they were being built for the United Railways of Yucatan and still operate together to this day. Because of this, they are referred to as the "twins"


At one time, Disney's Fort Wilderness also had steam trains


Trains are stored underneath the monorails in same building.


Walt Disney World Railroad - Fantasyland Station

Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom


Fantasyland Station

Walter E. Disney

Lilly Belle

Roger E. Broggie

Roy O. Disney

Train and Monorail storage "roundhouse"

Trains are stored below the monorails

Train being delivered


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