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Space Mountain opened January 15th, 1975


Working names for the ride during the design phase in the 1960's were Space Port and Space Voyage


Ride time - 2:30


Designed by WED Enterprises and build by Arrow Development Company


Must be 44" tall to ride


Speed average - 28 mph


Total Height 183 feet, track height 65 feet


Mornings 25mph, as the day goes on the top speed increases 29 to 32 mph depending on the weight of the train


There are two sides to Space Mountain, of course. They are identical to each other, mirror images really, except that one side is 10 feet longer to allow it to cross over the other side


A complete refurb closed Space Mountain on April 19th, 2009 and reopened November 22, 2009


30 rocket trains, 2 cars per train, 3 people per car


From 1975-1989, rocket trains featured two seats, each seat designed to hold two passengers, the front passenger rode in the rear passenger's lap, for a total capacity of eight passengers per train. In 1989 the trains were replaced with the 3 seat configuration we now have today


New paint schemes in 2009 replaced the glow in dark stripes the trains had


On August 30th, 2010 Space Mountain reopened after a small closure with an enhanced audio system which include 100 speakers


First roller-coaster ride to occur in perpetual darkness



RCA (1975-1993)
FedEx (1994-2004)


Originally an "E" ticket ride

Space Mountain

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom



New trains and new paint scheme with 6 passenger seating

Sign Mistake "out of the would" - Fixed soon after I emailed Disney

Old type train with 8 passenger seating

Opening day for Space Mountain

Space Mountain construction


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Space Mountain 01-2003

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Space Mountain Sign Mistake & Fix

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Space Mountain 01-2003

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Space Mountain Sign Mistake & Fix

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