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The Haunted Mansion opened October 1st, 1971


It was designed by WED Enterprises and built by Arrow Dynamics


Ride time - 7:30


Ride Vehicles  are called the Doombuggies


Haunted Mansion went thru a large update. It closed June 8th, 2007 and reopened September 13th, 2007


Originally an "E" ticket ride


Some of the original tombstones outside the Haunted Mansion:

HERE RESTS WATHEL R. BENDER he rode to glory on a fender

AT PEACEFUL REST LIES BROTHER CLAUDE planted here beneath this sod

RIP MR. SEWELL the victim of a dirty duel

REQUIESCAT FRANCIS XAVIER no time off for good behavior

MASTER GRACEY LAID TO REST no mourning please at his request

HERE LIES A MAN NAMED MARTIN the lights went out on this old spartan


And my Favorite!!
Here lies good old Fred A great big rock fell on his head - RIP


New interactive Queue line was finished in 2011


The infamous "Brides Ring" was actually what was left from a gate that was cut down.

Guests would block the exit flow of traffic lookign for the "ring". Disney actually covered it with Epoxy onyl to be uncovered by guests a week later. Disney finalyl remove it completely and pour new concrete.

A new ring was added to the new interactive queue line.

Haunted Mansion

Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom




The ghosts from the mirrors (before the new digital system)

Here is the ring that was added to the new interactive queue line

The original "Brides Ring"

A closeup shows you it really is just the old bar and keypin

Disney trying to cover it up.

A couple of Disney exec's working out something

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