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NEW Brick Information 03-18-2019

Bricks will be removed in the coming months to make way for new upgrades for paths and such. Go to the link below to find out about how you can get a commemorative 6" brick if you already own a brick, and for anyone that never had one, you can also purchase a 6 or 8 inch "brick" yourself.


Article from Imaginerding

During the Disney Decade, a program was offered where you could purchase a hexagonal brick paver to be placed around the Seven Seas Lagoon, creating a walking path starting at the Magic Kingdom and closely following the monorail route. Obviously, there are some inlets that would need to be crossed as well as the holding are for the Electrical Water Pageant. Not to mention some roads, a waterway and a lot of marshland.

The plan never panned out and Disney stopped halfway to the Grand Floridian. There are bricks at the Transportation and Ticket Center, The Contemporary and at the Polynesian.

Depending what the letter is on the brick, it could be in one of five places:
W: West of the Magic Kingdom towards the Grand Floridian
E: East of the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary
C: The Contemporary
H: The Transportation and Ticket Center
P: The Polynesian

I don't have a confirmation if they sold them by the Grand Floridian, yet. Nothing that I've read points to a finished path, though. Anyone have a paver at the Grand Floridian? (they made it to the wedding pavilion with special bricks within that area of the walkway.)

Two different types of pavers were sold until the year 2000: a traditional brick paver ($85 - $125) and
larger gray ones ($250). No one really knows why Disney stopped selling them ,but the most prevalent thought is that it was competing with the Leave a Legacy program at Epcot. Occasionally, more bricks have been sold (some in 2007), but they are for special occasion or sold only on a first-come, first-served basis outside of the Magic Kingdom.

As a surprise, my wife bought this one for us after our 1994 trip. The date on our certificate is from July 31, 1996. We have only visited it once--during our 1997 trip. It was even signed by Roy E. Disney...or a reasonable facsimile!

The next time you step off the monorail at the Magic Kingdom or find yourself walking from the TTC to
the Polynesian, make sure you take a look down.

It's all about the details!



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And now for my experience with the walk around the world brick program


Here are a couple of bricks we had done in 2006 and 2007

Here is a picture of me holding the brick of my good friends, the Threlkelds.

I went to visit the Magic Kingdom just to take a picture of the brick installed.

I was lucky enough to meet up with Dean and he happen to have their brick (and a few others) getting ready for installation that night.

Dean is one of the nicest cast member I have ever met. He is the one that took the picture for me. thank you Dean!!!!

Here is my actual brick freshly installed.

A couple years later

Michael Eisner's Brick

First brick placed when the project started in 1994

Here is a mock up of the one I really wanted to get. I was just a few months too late.

Another mock up of one I wished I could get. Disneyland, CA is the only option now.

Another mock up since Disney has stopped all new bricks completely. Rumor has it that the whole entrance walkway will be remodeled for the WDW 40th anniversary.



ATTENTION: As of 12-03-2008 they have suspended any new bricks

Today (08-07-2009) I received a call from Disney's executive offices. Bricks are not available with no exceptions.


Here's some contact info for getting your brick cleaned, replaced, or maybe if your lucky getting yourself a brick.

They were 110. In late 2007 they changed the price to 295.

Stroller Rental at the Magic Kingdom 407 934 8000. Sometimes the brick crew is in that office.

Here is the phone number for the actual brick dept (no one is usually there but a voice mail can be left) 407-824-7890



ATTENTION: Deans email no longer is active. Department has been disbanded.

Dean's email at Walt Disney World

He takes care of replacing damaged bricks



The only thing you can do is write a personal letter to the executive offices of the Walt Disney World Corporation.

That is how I originally got mine done in 2006.


Disneyland, CA has now ended the program also.

Your only option now!!!

If that does not work your only other option is to get one at Disneyland. They started there own bricks project in 2005.

Disneyland commemorative stones or "Disneyland Bricks" are available here or by calling 800-760-3566

The commemorative paver stones have a one time $150 fee, and for an extra $35.00, you can get a wood or acrylic replica for display at home.


As usual I do not understand Disney's reasons for not letting people get bricks but I believe it is because they are planning an overhaul on the walkways which includes removing the bricks. This cannot be done until ten years after the official end date of the project. That would be coming up soon.



Here is the company that setup the brick system at Disney.

Ok well here is one other option. You can get a brick right from the company that made them for Disney. the only problem, they are not allowed to add the Disney logo. Just your names.



Steve at Tikiman Pages - Great Story

Leave A Legacy (Epcot's laser etching) (These are being moved to a new location)






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