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"I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never
lose some of the things of the past." -Walt Disney


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Click Here for just a few of the thousand comments you wrote about the possible demise of the COP

Welcome, to Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. You're in for a real treat. The Carousel of Progress was Walt's own idea from beginning to end. He loved it. He introduced the show at the World's Fair in New York City in 1964 and it was an immediate smash hit. Millions of people came to see it and since then, the Carousel of Progress has had more performances than any other stage show in the history of American theater. You know, Walt loved the idea of progress and he loved the American family. He himself was probably as American as anyone could possibly be. He thought it would be fun to watch the American family go through the twentieth century experiencing all new wonders as they came. And he put them together in a show called Carousel of Progress, which we are about to see. Although our Carousel family has experienced a few changes over the years, our show still revolves around the same theme - and that's progress. May the century begin.

NEWS FLASH......The inevitable end is near?

I've been running the site for the past six years in hopes of changing Disney's way of thinking.

I think I have succeeded in some respect but failed in others.

The number of visitors to my site is incredible. I am also noticing visitors to the site which only means Disney employees would have this email address. I do have a direct link for comments to Guest Relations after the signing of the petition. Literally there were thousands of comments and signatures barraging Disney. I sent a free copy of my COP Tribute DVD to Eisner and others in hopes they would reconsider the demise of the attraction.

The scheduled but questionable closing is for Sept 2005. I cannot stress enough to please email your comments to Guest Relations after you sign my petition.

Disney has been keeping this news quiet for some reason I do not know. BUT my contact at Orlando Sentinel will be investigating. They assured me!


Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 8:09 AM

Subject: This is from a CAST MEMBER

I am happy to report that there is no planned closing of COP!*

COP's external paint refurbish has just been completed last week.

Seating replacement and new carpeting is nearly done,
along with exterior 'pre-show' monitor repairs.

The scrims for the first three scenes will be replaced within the next 3 weeks.

Discussions are currently that the skins on father Audio-Animatronics figures throughout maybe replaced within the next quarter.

While COP isn't totally out of danger--all in the know seem to now believe for the present time there is no plan to remove it or close it.

* There may be some closure of a limited nature for refurbishing

Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 7:12 AM

"While I can't say that no-way, no-how will COP be shuttered for good; I'm convinced that Management has heard enough guest feedback, and enough insiders have said "Walt said this is the one thing he wanted to stay" --- that COP is secure for the foreseeable future."












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